Patchogue police corruption: The Book


America’s police corruption story is greater than the present Media narrative of individual-wronging of singular individual officers. The words “police corruption” and “institutional corruption” take on new meanings when one is presented with the facts of the creation of fake police forces in New York State. Retired Police officials gamed the system and conspired to fabricate unauthorized constabularies in Suffolk County N.Y.

Once established, Patchogue’s and Suffolk County’s Fake police departments were employed to perform black-ops civil rights discrimination.  Patchogue fake cops with the Support of Suffolk County Police launched a coordinated campaign terror aimed at minorities, Hispanic and Undesirables and attempted to drive the geographically out of the Village. In the wake of the expulsions, insiders employed Federal and State Monies provided by LWRP harvested the properties of their former neighbors, and quietly laid claim to the development of a new white Patchogue. . The racially mixed post war community disappeared into the new high-density re-urban mini-city, while those who managed the unauthorized racially motivated policing lined their pockets.

Local, County, State and Federal Authorities have lost hierarchical control of the individual racially motivated policing because of their participation in the cover-up.

I live underground because exercising my constitutional prerogatives I spoke out against a fake police force does trying to stop police impersonation make me a defacto enemy of the legitimate Police and the Police establishment. Any cursory investigation of this 15 year cover-up will show the “System” is not capable of acknowledging much less stopping or rectifying these racially motivated wrongs, perhaps precisely because they reach to the top of the Policing institutions and they are evidence deliberate, premeditated crimes against minorities.

Our community lives in fear

Henry R Terry


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