C-Countrer Narrative to Patchogues Redevelopment: New Village

There is a real documentary brewing from depths and shadows of Patchogue: “PATCHO”  Perhaps  Battle for Brooklyn is a model on how to tell the C-CounterNarrative of Patchogue’s redevelopment.  Alternatively,  “Deputize” Deputized – ¿Cómo Pudo Pasar? the new documentary based on Not in Our Town  and Susan Hagdorn’s work is definitely  an example of how to be used/and abused by authority.  I guess they are paying her, or worse playing her.  From her website. 


“The opposite of good is not evil; the opposite of good is indifference.”
-Rabbi Abraham Heschel

Not In Our Town tells the story of people who have resisted indifference and stood up to defend their neighbors against bigotry. 

For nearly 20 years, we have helped communities confront the challenge of hate through our films and community engagement programs. We are now working with Marshalltown, Iowa, where 10 percent of the town has already pledged to stand up to bullying and intolerance. In 2013, we will create films and training tools for law enforcement, college students and educators. 

 It seems Ms. Hadorn is positioning herself as a healer, a confessor: get with the accepted narrative of the local government, 

New films and tools geared toward ending racism, homophobia and religious intolerance
Hands-on engagement and training for communities-in-crisis
Step-by-step community guides that bring together nearly 20 years of NIOT experience to bolster anti-hate efforts nationwide
In Patchogue , Hagdorn’s Not in Our Town was instrumental in the coverup of not i a armed fake police force that hunted immigrants.  An institutional racisim not seen since Alabama debt Slavery thru debt bondage after the civil war.
Tragically   She seems to honestly believe she has the magic potion on how to heal racial hostility, corruption, and broken neighborhoods .   I get the idea that she is proposing a documentary swat team to go into troubled areas at first blood.   Call it Coverup central.

” Patcho”  the documentary should be done Battle for Brooklyn style, albeit, smaller scale,   and perhaps with No Celebrities.   Patcho, and its   New Village and the development  as the Battle for Brooklyn has the same kinda sickness, except with the  authoritarian twist of an New York State sponsored illegal police force.  the Cops would not try the fake cop scheme in Brooklyn. Could you imagine in the Ratner Alantic City project having its own illegal police enterprise.  In Patchogue the DCJS and the head NYS , and Suffolk  authorities helped create a fake police force to ensure the redevelopment; as a result the  evictions harassment forced sales were unstoppable. 

“‘Battle for Brooklyn’ is a riveting flick that shows how real estate developers use sports to seize other people’s property and enrich themselves with taxpayer subsidies; it is about how corporate interests enlist their allies in government to get what they want, even if that means lying to the public and screwing people who lack deep pockets and political connections.” Michael O’Keeffe, New York Daily News

Battle for Brooklyn Simultaneously Battle for Brooklyn—the riveting counter-narrative to the intense, multi-million dollar PR campaign developer Forest City Ratner is using to tell a story they and their political supporters want the public and media to believe about their billion dollar arena and all the broken promises they would like to hide—will screen just steps away from the arena.
The critically-acclaimed feature film Battle for Brooklynthe true story behind the eight-year fight over the Atlantic Yards project—will be screened for free at the ball field at Dean Street Playground just one half block from the arena.
“Our film closely explores the contentious community fight to stop the Atlantic Yards project, and the promises made by the developer and his supporters in New York State and City government. The community’s efforts to have a meaningful say in its future, in the face of top down development and crony capitalism, is a universal story being played out all across the US,” said director Mike Galinsky. “The developer and the project’s proponents would like this history to disappear down the memory hole. Battle for Brooklyn, this screening and others timed around the arena’s opening plug that hole.”

Battle for Brooklyn was short-listed for a 2011 Oscar for Best Documentary, won Best Documentary and Best Film at the 2011 Brooklyn Film Festival and was chosen as a 2012 American Library Association Notable Film.


Suki Hawley – Director, Producer, Editor

Michael Galinsky – Director, Producer, Director of Photography

David Beilinson – Producer, Additional Camera, Additional Edit

Adam Galinsky – Associate Producer

Susan Littenberg – Associate Producer


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