FBI Petition to Investigate Patchogue, Port Jeff Fake POLICE

  I support a FBI investigation of the  Fake Cops in Patchogue .

After Marcelo’s murder,  the Village of Patchogue’s fake constabulary was secretly and quietly disbanded. Those involved violated Federal, State, Suffolk and Village Law, and have not been held accountable. Those covering -up  the fake cops have been able to advance their careers despite having engaged in violating the rights of thousands in our home town.

The Village of Patchogue’s  fake cops were involved with the Marcello Lucero murder–were illegally at the crime scene– and may have been responsible for the inordinate and possible deliberate- 40 minute- delay of bringing Marcello Lucero  to the hospital. The ensuing hemorrhaging of blood may have been a contributing factor to Marcelo’s death.

  • We call on the Federal authorities to conduct an independent and transparent review of public officials, and to make public all information related to illegal policing and ticketing activities conducted in the Village of Patchogue.
  • We ask for the full criminal prosecution of all who conspired to create and maintain the illegitimate Village of Patchogue’s constables,  including  Mayors, Village Clerks, and members of the Village Board of Trustees, and the Ex-Special-Forces-Military-personal that lead Patchogue’s  terror.
  • We ask that all officials  who knowingly perpetrated and/or were involved in these illegal activities should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and should be forced to pay the taxpayers back out of their own pockets as is required by NY State law.
  • We  support requiring elected officials and political appointees to make restitution to the public and the taxpayers for tax revenues misappropriated to fund the Village of Patchogue constables and all that it entailed. We demand the return of approximately $2.5 Million dollars, which were improperly spent by the Village of Patchogue Mayors, Clerks, officials, and members of the Board of Trustees.
  • We support the return of $7.7 million to be paid back to the public for improper tickets written by illegally armed Patchogue Village employees posing as constables.
  • We  support the investigation of the select group of prominent Village of Patchogue business leaders who unfairly benefited from the fake Cops who amassed large property  holdings in the Village as a result of the perdition of the fake cops. Their ill-gotten gains should not be sustained.

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