Parrallels between the Trayvon Martin and the coverup of police misconduct in Patchogue, Suffolk NY

Replay: Trayvon Martin where he “ lives to tell the tale “

This is the  “what if”  story of what happens:   if Trayvon had lived to complains to the Police. It is actually a true story of a colossal police cover-up when I discovered a racially motivated illegal police force in Patchogue.  The difference between Patchogue and Florida is that Patchogue had a longer time to cloak  its Neighborhood Watch  or its illegal policing in official powers.  The similarities are that all NYS police entities from Andrew Cuomo‘s Attorney General’s office down to the local Sherriffs Office supported and hid the police fiefdom in Patchogue.

Patchogue: The anatomy of how a Neighborhood watch gains police power.

What “if Trayvon Martin lived to tell the tale? “ Let’s explore the scenario of Trayvon Martin surviving the attacks and attempted  to make a police complaints against Captain Zimmerman. This Scenero is not made up. It is based our experience of attempting to make police complaints and alert authorities after the Marcelo Lucero murder. Few know it by Lucero’s murder participated the discovery that Patchogue had created a fake police dept out of its own neighborhood type Watch. Moreover this is what happens when one brings a complaint, as our community did, about an Neighborhood Watch that got so out of control that it was turned into a fake police dept. Or said another way, this is the story, of how County State, and Federal Authorities empower illegitimate police activity like Zimmerman’s Watch, and protect them from both criminal and civil liability.

Lets say Trayvon somehow escapes Zimmerman and he tells his side of the Story to the local police. He complains to the local police of a racially biased illegal policing. We did just that and in Suffolk County, NY  the local police Cops do nothing. They would not even take the complaint. We complained to the DA’s Office and Chief investigators of the DA’s office Darrel Burger lied to us and said Suffolk County  cannot tell it Patchogue’s fake police activity was illegal. Moreover, the County Police told us  a story that the County lacks the legal resources, to ascertain if the Neighborhood watch, turned fake Constabulary was  legal.

The County Police failed to tell us they were in on it .  The Suffolk County Serriff’s Office fails to tell us they  illegally trained the fake cops. It would be as if Zimmerman was trained a public expense, and had a rifle range bonding moment with the boys.  They fail to tell us  they were aiding an abetting the criminal activity. [In Patchogue the fake cops were illegally staffed with personnel of the Suffolk County Police. ]

In Suffolk County the fake cops were a useful tool. If Orlando is anything like Suffolk, The local Police foster Neighborhood Watchs because they lack regulatory control.  In short they can engage in crimes against minorities, and “undesirables that  legitimate cops cannot.  Moreover, they are useful for police dept. which have policies or racial animus in that they are not Cops—for the sake of controlling police powers and constraining police violations of constitutional rights. Yet the very same police Depts. ,want to wrap the fake cops in their police privileges and protections.

In Patchogue they would not even respond to our complaint of improper policing until Marcello Lucero was dead.  That is before, Marcello’s Death all the discriminatory activity of Neighborhood watch turned fake Police Dept. was not actionable: NO BIG DEAL.  After Marcelo’s death the State sends its crack investigators down, the FBI of NYState, ” The Commission Of Investigation”.   The head NY State cops separates us and interrogate us.  They  looks for flaws making sure we are not politically undesirable, as in we are not anti-development or anti-gentrification or Anti-Condo.   In the process NYS investigators  desperately  tries to maintain the illegal the fake police force which had grown out of Neighborhood Watch.  They explore every grey area to maintain the fake cops. They worked from the assumption that racially motivated crimes are impossible to prove.  Too difficult to investigate. Too many grey areas. It was only because we had done over 5 years of research and spent tens of thousands of dollars litigating that we were able to CLEANLY prove the Cops were a fraud.

State is forced to close it down. They quietly shut it down. Do not release the information. Hide the documents behind governmental privileges, required lawsuits to obtain public documents, and destroy the evidence, even though it is illegal to destroy evidence of a crime.

When I  makes a complaint to the Dept of Justice, DOJ, the local police in conjunction with the Neighborhood watch openly retaliate for the complainant, even blocking of a civil rights complaints to federal authorities is a federal violation.  The DOJ looses my complaint over five separate times.  NYS officals lie and say they contacted Pamela Chin at the DOJ.  I hear  “Didn’t get it” , then “yeah we got it but the Mail room lost it.” and on and on….

Then the fake cops  goes after my residence. They bring false allegations. They use the false allegations to discredit me and to undermine my business and relationships.

Then they move for a Guardianship hearing to take control of the house where I reside. They obtain guardianship over my friend in order to punish me , and attempt to evict/eject me. When they can’t they sing contracts to sell the house out from under me. All based on false allegations, and all because I complained of an illegal police activity.

From the Suffolk FBI to the Attoney Geneals Office, from the NYS Commision of Investigation to Parents for Megans Law Crime Victums Center, every agency attempted to conceal the police fiefdom and the hate crimes , and  went so far as to destroyed evidence and documents, systematically blocking the doors to complaints and a hearing of the facts.  The  Official or Police investigation of Patchogues’s fake police dept was motivated by a desire to cover-up the enterprise to conceal the magnitude of the hate crimes.


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