Pontieri is in on NO-Show Pension Scam in Suffolk

I have the number two person in Suffolk County Personnel, Ms. De Stephano , in a hour and a half taped telephone interview emphatically explaining how NO-show jobs are created in Suffolk County.
Ms. De Stephano explains that friends of major politicians, such a Pontieri, are allowed to submit signed sworn-to duty statements which lack a job descrption.
Suffolk County personnel then  pens  into  the document, an exceptable yet untrue or fraudulent job-description to make it pass through the system allowing those receiving pay for illegal NO-Show jobs to receive benefits and pensions, including  NYS  pensions
She passionately tries to persuade me that the practice is so widespread that nothing can be done of this violation of law, in order to coverup the fake constabulary of Port Jefferson. Moreover the explanation of how entire illegal police depts are funded, is that Suffolk County does not require compliance with NYS pension fund and reporting law.

The District Attorneys office is in on the scam. And I have had conversations with Alan Schneider director of personnel stating that when I complained in the past, investigators from the DA’s Office rifled through the Civil Service files looking for evidence fake Patchogue Constable Alex Costello’s file in an attempt at damage control.

I have emails that show ex Suffolk Attorney Christine Malafi was aware of the practices which reveal she is only concerned with avoiding lawsuits, and not protecting the Taxpayers’ money.

Henry R. Terry
P.O. Box 2148
Patchogue, NY 11772


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