Responding to Lawrence Downes editorial “Victim Circus” in the NY times:

Responding to Lawrence Downes’ editorial “Victim Circus” in the New York Times:

Witches hunt? None here. Nor is there any need for a “hunt.” Seventeen years of a fake police should be a hard enough fact–“probable cause” for an investigation.

Is there any proof the Village personnel impersonating peace officers did anything wrong? We don’t need proof of wrongdoing. No speculation is required. Everything that they did is morally questionable and is legally actionable.

Do the immigrant Latinos, who Wolter asked to come forward, know what happened to them? How could they when the victims come from places where police and abuse is the norm? The authority figures in Suffolk, Levy, Pontieri, and others, are no different from what they are used to. Latinos are escaping a world where the fourteenth amendment “equal protection clause” does not exist.

In “Outlier” Malcolm Gladwell talks of cultural bias and how it shapes our lives. Here the cultural bias of many who come from Latin America is to distrust government officials and the police as they are known to violate human rights. But this culture bias, while indeed present in the Latin community I speak to, is actually grounded in reality and the district of the police and government is real. It is the well-founded distrust founded upon the fact that in the Suffolk and in Patchogue there is no equal protection clause to protect Latinos. How could there be one if they have an unlawful and untrained police department who targets them?

“They are not angry” pontificates as Mr. Pontieri characterizes. Many community leaders are asking for forgiveness and reconciliation. However, forgiveness and reconciliation traditionally comes after the admission of wrong doings and as a request for forgiveness and we have yet to hear such a request. In fact, Mr. Pontieri and others have done everything they can to suppress the truth of the illegal untrained police force is doing. If the Latin population and the general population is not angry YET, it is because are not aware of what has been done to them in the name of public safety.

Here in the North we believe that only the South would have such a corrupt police force to push the “undesirables” out. It couldn’t happen in New York, not 60 miles from New York City. You couldn’t possible have an untrained, illegally armed fake police force with no “racial profiling” and no prohibitions on asking detainees their status. This isn’t Alabama after all. Right?

Fake Cops, it must be a hoax you say. Suffolk County Police Department would never go along with that! Wouldn’t they have an obligation to put a stop to it? Doesn’t the Suffolk County Police Department have to uphold the law?

From the moment this hate crime problem came up, the politicians began to clamor for immediate “healing.” They wanted the cameras and newspapers to go away. Lawrence Downes alludes that Priest Wolter is a grandstanding, because after all, the Mayor “is concerned.” Somehow we should bow down to the Mayor’s authority, as he knows best and grew up two blocks away from where Marcelo was murdered. After all, he says, “The Village of Patchogue has always taken care of its own issues.”

The question, which Mr. Downes does not ask is how does the Village of Patchogue takes care of its own issue, but I will answer him:

1) They create a fake armed and untrained police force.
2) They illegally destroy and doctor records to hide their illegal activities.
3) They defraud Suffolk County Civil Service.
4) They deprive residents of the right to speak at public meetings.
5) They destroy public meeting tapes and do not record public minutes.
3) They only allow certain business in town.
6) They use constables to target Latinos and the poor.
7) They exempt their friends and associates from complying with Village Law and selective enforce the laws against others.
8) They call in a fake fire alarm to search the homes of suspected immigrants.
9) They deny anything happened.

Then one would ask, what’s has been the motive? Why the fake cops in the first place? Why go through so much trouble? Why put everything, the entire Village government at risk. FEAR is the confessed answer. Fear of whom?

If you want an answer, don’t listen to me draw conclusions. It’s all in the 17 years of Village of Patchogue, Village Court records and police records that were illegally “not maintained.”

Can you imagine if the Suffolk Police Department said it didn’t have any records? Well, this is what Village of Patchogue officials, Judge McGuire, former Village Attorney J. Lee Snead, current Village Attorney Brian Egan, and current Village Clerk, Patricia Seal are telling us. The records should document the illegal detaining of motorist, and the illegal search of DMV records, and the failure to remove false convictions marked on the victim licenses–a racial profiling cocktail, but which is by no means the main course.

The fake armed untrained cops (call them what you like Village Constables, Code Enforcement Officers, Park Rangers, because the Village of Patchogue unlawfully gave all these officers policing power) reason for EXISTING can be found in the government records and “Facts are stubborn things.”

If you want to find out what is going on in Patchogue you must go to the records. Slavery has its invoices and manifests and contracts and the Village Patchogue has its minutes and department records. An inspection of these will show what the history of what Patchogue did in the name of public safety, redevelopment, and progress.

Henry R. Terry


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