Corruption of Constables Undermines Advancement of Residents.

RE: The Investigation Is Ongoing:

Ronald Brinn from Patterson’s HRC has forwarded our complaint to Pamela Chin at Justice.   Also Suffolk DA’s Sgt. Woolman is now investigating the legality of Patchogue’s Fake Police Department.

The DA’s Office told us on December 2, 2008, that the Village of Patchogue is no longer calling their constables “constables.”

On December 3, 2008, I questioned Victor Cruz and asked him if he still considered himself a “constables,” he said that he is not. I asked Mr. Cruz when he gave up his “constable” status and he said that it was “about three months ago.”

The retraction of this title along with the surrendering of weapons on June 1, 2008, is an admission by the Village of Patchogue that they are guilty of abusing this New York State power. We estimate that there are over 7.5 million dollars taken from Village of Patchogue residents in connection with this scheme. If you have any information, please post it here.


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