Fake Cops Created To Target Latinos

“Today, some of the highest leaders of our community also have blood on their hands,” said the Rev. Alan Ramirez, a longtime advocate for Hispanic day laborers and Latino immigrants. “I have said for a long time that it would only take time for something like this to happen.”

For years I have been working against the Village of Patchogue in cases regarding their “fake” cops. The Village of Patchogue has had a fake police department, i.e., officers pretending to be cops, in or to “clear up” their Village and have the “right neighbors.” That’s all I had to hear to get involved! They speak that way with pride, but they are simply thugs abusing power they don’t have.

On June 1, 2008, from lawsuits pressures, the Village of Patchogue gave up their guns. Still they refuse to admit that their Code Enforcement Officers are not constables. That they have these fake cops and that their policies are unlawful.

For 17 years they have harassed Latino and working poor. We are trying to document these illegal acts.The Village Trustees speak with pride of what they have done. With regards to their “fake” cops, they have destroyed evidence they were duty bound to preserve. Recently, they lost a 2 million dollar lawsuit and have been told to dismantle their constabulary and to stop giving out traffic tickets, because they are not Suffolk County cops. They continue to unlawfully stop people.

This Village has been out of control for years! Their biggest target has been Latinos, landlords, businesses that don’t belong to their friends, etc. Their selective enforcement and racist policies are unlawful, but they get away with it every day. Many people in the Village condone this behavior, because they want Latinos out. Now they are trying to say that the teens have nothing to do with Patchogue, but what we say is that the teens learned from their parents and leaders.



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